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Laugh It Out

The Comedy Hall of Fame Foundation supports the Laugh It Out Improv programs, using comedy in the classroom to engage students.

LAUGH IT OUT PROGRAMS offering a variety of programs for all ages.

  • Assembly & Workshops – Professional actors perform an interactive show for students. After the show, students participate in improv games in a judgment-free zone …because in Improv there are no mistakes
  • Full Term Weekly Classes – Our Teaching Artists (TA’s) come in once weekly to teach creative communication skills through writing exercises, physical warm-ups and scene work culminated by end of term performance.
  • Residencies – TA’s use exercises and drills to teach the basic skills of improv: listening, agreeing, projecting, and gesturing to students of all ages
  • After School – In schools/districts with multiple classes, teachers can stay on site for an after-school club. No try-outs, no cliques.
  • Advisory Unit – A 5 week program that uses improvisation to reinforce character development lessons within Advisory classes, can be customized to your curriculum.
  • Professional Development – On staff development days teachers across disciplines participate in exercises designed to build connections through to problem solving.
  • Custom Programs –  Our Program Director can meet with you to design a custom program for your school.

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How you and your students will benefit.

The #1 Rule of Improv is “Yes, and…” which means players must agree and build upon what others have said.

By teaching Improv in the classroom, LAUGH IT OUT:

  • Teaches students to listen, collaborate, and innovate.
  • Increases self-esteem, articulation, attention to detail, and academic performance.
  • Builds community.
  • Encourages student’s to take risks in a safe environment
  • Reinforces social skills.
  • Sharpens listening and public speaking skills (Ideal for ESL).
  • Can be integrated into many academic subjects.
  • Fosters 21st Century Learning Standards.


See what other have had to say!

“I watched shy kids flourish with increased confidence to stand and deliver, and class clowns develop their craft in a forum that encourages their natural talents.”
~R.Spanbock, Dean, Q283

“The Laugh It Out workshops and assemblies have had a very positive influence on our students. It has been a pleasure to see our students who are normally shy actively involved and taking risks.”
~John Renner, Director, The Summit School

“I’ve seen a dramatic change in the students in the Improv program … in their confidence, their writing and speaking ability, and just in who they are.”
~R. Parnell English Chair , Q248

It taught me that I’m not alone, that I could be somebody…it made me feel important; like I have another family.”
~Noel Olivencia, Student

“Creative courses like improv are keeping students engaged and excited about school. NYC Students Laugh It Out in Improv Comedy Class.”
~CBS News 12/30/10